Please note: Article Acceptance does not accept payments directly through this or any other web site.

You can send your payments to us by check or money order at:

Article Acceptance Company
P.O. Box 3899

Need to make a payment with CASH on your account TODAY?

Pay Near Me No problem!
• Please read the instructions to set up a PayNearMe account with Article Acceptance Company. Click here for Instructions.

• Por favor, lea las instrucciones para configurar una cuenta de PayNearMe con Article Acceptance Company de la empresa . Haga clic aquí para obtener instrucciones en español.

• Then take your PayNearMe PayCode to a participating 7-Eleven (24/7) .

• Once you are at the store, tell the cashier to follow the steps on the PaySlip or your smart phone.

• That’s it! It is as simple as buying a soda. You can send your payment to Article Acceptance Company in less than 1 minute!

• If you have any PayNearMe questions, call 888-714-0004.

You can avoid late charges by making the monthly payment for the exact amount due as indicated on your statement on or before the due date. Please refer to your installment contract for the details regarding the assessment of late charges on your account. Any payment made by 5pm Monday – Friday (except holidays) will be immediately credited to your account that same day. Payments made after 5pm on Friday or the day preceding a holiday will be processed on the next open business day. Please schedule payments accordingly to avoid late fee assessment as payments may not be processed when our office is closed.

Miscellaneous charges may be added to your account. Please refer to your installment contract for details.

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